Please read prior to booking!

Scheduling an appointment means you have read and understood all rules. 

All appointments will be CANCELLED if you are more than 15 minutes late.

1. All appointments must be booked via styleseat with a credit/debit card. No exceptions

2. Though you must use a credit/debit card to book, I would prefer you pay in cash at the appointment. 

3. Hair must be 4 inches all around in order for me to braid it. If you are unsure, you can book a free 15 minute consultation.

4. No guest/children (unless you're a parent waiting with child who is getting their hair done due to limited space)

5. If you drop off your child, you must be back to get them before the appointment is over. 

6. Changing the style and/or braid size the day of your appointment will result in it being rescheduled. Please ask questions beforehand. 

7. Please have hair freshly washed and blow dried with minimal to no products in it, especially for feed in braids. Hair that is not detangled or dried will result in you being charged an additional $15 for the blow dry service. (hair not being properly detangled can and will extend the time for your appt. 

9. Click on the "i" next to any service on styleseat to read the description and to know how many bags of hair the style requires

10. Hair is currently included in large box/triangle braids, faux locks, and rave braids only. 

11. For all other styles, hair is not included in pricing, but can be provided by me at an additional cost.

12. All braid times are estimated. Times may and can vary. 

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Braid size guide

Use this guide to determine what size braid and part you would like. If you want something you do not see listed, please message me with the picture and details. 

Want to book a style, but don't know the name of it? Check below for some unique styles

Large Fulani Braids

8-10 Braids max

Butterfly Braids

2 Feed-in braids with loose extensions on the end. Crochet hair was used to achieve this look. 

Half up half down feed in braids

10-12 feed-in braids styled half up and half down. 

Medium feed in ponytail/bun

Feed in braids that can be worn into a ponytail and/or bun

Lemonade Braids

Small braids which are braided to one side of your head. 

Fulani Braids

Tribal like braids in the front, box braids in the back. It can also be done as feed-in braid layers.