Frequently asked questions

1. Is the hair included?

Hair is ONLY included in large box braids and the chunky bob at this time. Hair is an additional co​st for all other styles

2. How many packs of hair will I need? 

Click the "I" next to the service on styleseat to see how many packs of hair is needed

3. Do you have specials?

Yes, follow my social media @tileshadoesmyhair to be informed next time there is a special.

4. How much for twist

I do not offer that service

5. Do you travel?

No I do not, but @Mo.bettabraids18 on instagram does:)

6. What hair should I use?

I prefer any RastAfri braiding hair. 

7. Will box braids damage my hair?

No it will not if properly taken care of. It is important to moisturize your hair often while braided to prevent breakage from your hair being too tight.

8. Do you provide the accessories?

Yes I provide the braid string and jewels at no additional cost

9. How long should I keep my braids in?

I would suggest 4-6 weeks max. You can keep them in longer if you choose, but you could be increasing your chances on breakage and new growth getting matted.

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